About Us

Ladder Hub provides a platform for users to find and purchase the safest and durable ladders that fulfill our customers’ needs. Generally, reliable quality ladders with safety features are the crucial element in preventing accidents to happen. We emphasize on selecting the right ladder, providing users with ladder safety precautions and knowledge to minimize the risk of accidents while using the ladder.

It is common for customers to face difficulty in buying a good and reliable ladder at the right size from their local hardware store. The usual hardware stores have limited varieties of ladders in stock, making it difficult for customers to get the right ladder. From stepladders to extension ladders, Ladder Hub has the right ladder to help you get tasks done safely.

We help people to find the right type of ladder with just a few clicks to match their chores and projects. Just let us know what you need with our user-friendly search system, and we will do the job for you! We are committed to providing you quality, durable, and reliable ladders. You will feel confident knowing that you are buying the best.

With everything switching to online, Ladder Hub offers a convenient platform for customers to shop for the right ladder to get stuff done and to look for information and safety knowledge on ladders. We strive to equip ladder users with the correct safety knowledge, ensuring them to apply the knowledge to achieve zero work-at-height accidents from occurring.

Laddertech Group

It is our own brand where we manufacture heavy duty aluminium, fiberglass, cat ladders as well as customization ladders. Our product range from household to industrial usage.
It is all about industrial ladder solutions with ladder safety knowledge besides ladder safety training program for the safety department.
It is a platform that producing all types of ladders from aluminium, fiberglass, and customization. We provide OEM premium quality ladder, not an economic type.
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