Aluminium Envy Step Stool (NA) - 2 Steps (WEV02NA)


Brand :

Ladder Material : Aluminium

Working Load
: The maximum load that a ladder is designed to bear.
: 150 kg

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Product Description

Aluminium Envy Step Stool available in anodized aluminium or black powder coated is a handy step stool for various household application. It designed to hold a load capacity of 150kg. It is an aesthetically pleasing contemporary design that can fold into a slim profile for easy storage. It is also an ideal gift idea for house-warming.

Product Information

Available Steps
Type of Ladder
Ladder Shape Mode
: 2 and 3 Steps
: Natural Anodized (NA) or Black Powder Coated
: Step Stool
: A Shape


Platform Steps
Ladder design
: Anti-slip features
: Rubber pad
: Slim profile and compact

Spare Parts Availability





Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg
Dimensions D 77 x W 44 x H 6
Ladder Steps

Ladder Height (mm)

Ladder Material

Type Of Ladder

User Weight (kg)

Working Load (kg)

Ladder Weight (kg)

Storage Height (mm)

Open Length (mm)


Top Step Height (mm)


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