Aluminium Magic Fold™ Ladder 3 Steps (11-603ABL1)


Brand :

Ladder Material : Aluminium

Working Load
: The maximum load that a ladder is designed to bear.
: 100kg

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Product Description

This Cosco Magic™ Fold contemporary ladder features a revolutionary lightweight aluminum frame with a featherweight design! It has a recessed area of top tray for paint cans and a comfortable, large platform top step with gives you the room to complete even the most difficult jobs!

In addition, the handle is adjustable to three heights for added versatility and security. With its tool integrated top and slip resistant feet, this ladder is not only convenient, but offers security as well!

Product Information

Available Steps
Type of Ladder
Ladder Shape Mode
: 2 and 3 Steps
: Step Stool ladder
: A Shape


: Adjustable to three heights
: Aluminium
: Anti-slip features

Spare Parts Availability





Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 5.82 kg
Dimensions D 150.0 x W 60.0 x H 15.0
Ladder Steps

Ladder Height (mm)

Platform Height (mm)

Ladder Material

Type Of Ladder

User Weight (kg)

Working Load (kg)

Ladder Weight (kg)

Storage Height (mm)

Ladder Height with Handle Extended


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