Our Story

How It All Started?

Welcome to Ladderhub, the right place in choosing the right ladder for your home! 

We recognize the difficulties users face when choosing the right ladder, and our main focus is to solve your problem with our Ladder Selector. On this platform, Ladder Hub offers users the opportunity to discover the most secure and long-lasting ladders that cater to our customers’ requirements while also educating the safe climbing tips.

Why We're Different

We’re driven by a vision and mission that prioritize your safety. We aim to facilitate secure climbing experiences while minimizing the risk of ladder accidents or injuries. With providing you quality, durable, and reliable ladders, you will be climbing up the ladder with confidence. By filling up the requirement in our Ladder Selector on the homepage, it simplified your search for the ideal ladder. Easy right? Just share your specifications, and we’ll lead you directly to the products that align perfectly with what you’re looking for. 

What We Aim For?

As the digital era is dominating, our website platform is dedicated to enhanced the shopping customer journey by guiding through online experience. We strive to equip ladder users with the correct safety knowledge, ensuring them to apply the knowledge to achieve zero work-at-height accidents from occurring.

Laddertech Group

It is our own brand where we manufacture heavy duty aluminium, fiberglass, cat ladders as well as customization ladders. Our product range from household to industrial usage.

It is all about industrial ladder solutions with ladder safety knowledge besides ladder safety training program for the safety department.

It is a platform that producing all types of ladders from aluminium, fiberglass, and customization. We provide OEM premium quality ladder, not an economic type.