Extension Ladder

Generally, extension ladders are the same as standard fixed ladders, except they have two sections that slide past each other and lock in place to provide additional length. It’s a simple concept, but it revolutionized the standard ladder, making it possible to transport a ladder with longer reach in a much smaller package. There are double extension ladder and triple extension ladder in which triple extension is exactly like a normal extension ladder, except it has three sliding sections to provide even more height.

Extension ladders can be folded away, allowing them to occupy the same amount of space a ladder half their height usually would. They are a popular choice for all sorts of users. Being able to fit a long ladder into a small space is a massive selling point, but when it comes to tradesmen, extension ladders are most useful for workers who frequently have to work at height.

Extension ladders are often used by professionals in the tree care and maintenance industry to provide the height needed to carry out their jobs. Standard extension ladders, as opposed to combination ladders, are most useful in this case because they can be secured upright against the tree. In indoor applications such as interior decoration, combination ladders are much more suitable because they can stand on their own four feet without having to be tied to another structure.

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