Fire Escape Ladder

Fire escape ladders are portable or reflectively fitted fire escape devices. This distinguishes them from fire escapes, which is the term typically applied to the escape routes installed within a house or any buildings. Traditionally, fire escape ladders consist of hooks to anchor the ladder on the wall underneath a window, with the ladders themselves being made of rope, chain, or metal wire connected to the hooks. Some escape ladders, however, are clipped onto eye bolts or metal bars that are permanently fitted to the wall. More advanced fire escape ladders are permanently installed in the cavity wall of a building or fitted as fold-out ladders to an outside wall.

Fire escape ladders are fitted where there is the chance that an existing escape route (e.g., a staircase) may be blocked by fire, and with no alternative means of escaping. While all modern buildings have fire escape windows (i.e., windows that open up fully to accommodate evacuees), these still rely on the fire services arriving in time to rescue those who are obliged to wait their turn at the window. On the other hand, most private homes, as an example, will benefit from having fire escape ladders fitted as these offer a secondary escape route without relying on the fire services.

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