• Keep all ladders and ladder accessories, especially safety shoes, maintained in good condition at all times.
  • Withdraw damaged ladders immediately from service for repair or destruction.
  • Treat all wood ladders, which are to be used outside, to protect from weather damage. A clear finish or transparent penetrating preservative should be used. Never paint a wood ladder.
  • Never store materials on a ladder.
  • Store wood ladders where they will not be exposed to excessive heat or dampness. Store fiberglass ladders where they will not be exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet light sources.
  • Be sure that ladders are properly supported and secured when in transit. Vibration and bumping against other objects can damage them.
  • Store ladders on racks, which give them proper support when not in use.
  • Metal bearings of extension ladder rung locks and pulleys should be lubricated periodically, and between regular maintenance periods whenever necessary.
  • Ropes on extension ladders should be in good condition. If they become frayed or badly worn, replace them.
  • DO NOT use ladders with broken or missing steps, rungs, cleats, safety feet, side rails, or other defects.
  • Keep the ladders free of oil, grease, or slippery materials all the time by cleaning frequently.
  • Store all ladders to protect them from weathering effects.

Prohibited Uses

Listed below are the most common prohibited uses
  • Use of damaged or defective ladders
  • Use of ladders inappropriate for the specific job
  • Hand carry loads or equipment while on a ladder
  • Reach to the point where you lose your balance
  • Stand or work on the top cap or the step below the top cap of a stepladder
  • Stand or work on the top 3 rungs of an extension ladder
  • Place ladders on boxes, barrels, pick- up trucks or scaffolds or equipment
  • Use portable ladders in a horizontal position as a plank, platform, or scaffold etc.
  • Splice together short ladders to make longer ladders
  • Use ladders with only a single rail
  • Use ladders in high winds
  • Use extension ladders without maintaining minimum overlap
  • Using ladder that does not meet the required duty rating
  • Replace all frayed or badly worn ropes