What to Fill In Your Ladder Selector

Our goals are very simple: We want to help you better understand how to choose the right ladder for the job and learn how to use ladders more safely. That is why, we create a customize tool of ladder selector.

  • Gender: You can choose either the ladder user in Man or Woman
  • Usage Purpose: The ladder is used for household or industrial usage. You can then further choose on the type of house and industry.
  • Type of Environment: The ladder usage is for indoor or outdoor application
  • Ceiling Height and Body Height: You can refer here.
  • Select Your Price Range: Choose your budget!

When you are not sure with the height in cm (since our ladder selector required height in cm), you can use the unit converter to convert your known height (ft, mm or even inches) to cm in seconds!

Besides, ladder selector, there will be three key elements to choose the right ladder which are type, height and working load.