Aluminium Queen Ladder with Handrail 4 Steps (QL04)


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Product Description

Step by Step Aluminium Queen Ladder with Handrail is a platform type ladder that has 90kg of working load. It is specially designed ladder to assist woman in daily house chores routine such as cleaning window, hanging photo frame, changing window curtain, kitchen helper and others. The blue coloured platform feature is for tool placement to ease user while doing the job and not for standing purposes. A queen ladder requires level ground support for all four of its side rails.

Since the ladder is designed for woman, hence the ladder is named as Queen Ladder however, the ladder works for man too.

Product Information

Available Steps
Type of Ladder
Ladder Shape Mode
: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Steps
: Queen Ladder
: A Shape


Handrail and Body Material
Platform Material
: Aluminium
: Steel
: Anti-slip features
: Rubber shoes

Spare Parts Availability

Rubber Shoes




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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 3.24 kg
Dimensions D 144.5 x W 47 x H 11.5
Ladder Steps

Platform Height (mm)

Ladder Height (mm)

Ladder Material

Type Of Ladder

User Weight (kg)

Working Load (kg)

Ladder Weight (kg)

Storage Height (mm)

Open Length (mm)


Step by Step