How To Prevent Ladder Accidents?

There may be millions of reasons for an accident to happen, but you can prevent them easily. The most common causes in almost all accidents are: not using the right tool for the job, using a damaged tool, and not following the basic safety guideline for that tool. People often decide to get creative to save a little time or effort, and they expose themselves to accidents and injuries.

Falls are the leading cause of accidents to happen in the workplace, and ladders are highly involved in these accidents. However, fall and ladder-related accidents are preventable by following the basic guidelines of safe ladder use.

1. Use the right ladder!

People often grab the closest thing to them and end up standing on chairs instead of taking a few minutes to get the right ladder. It is easier to fall while you’re standing on the chair comparing to a ladder. When choosing a ladder, make sure it is tall enough for the job.

2. Inspect your ladder

Avoid using your damage ladder. If the rungs or side rails are broken, bent, or split, it’s time to get a new ladder. If the rubber is worn and torn, a serious accident could happen while working on a ladder. The next time you’re preparing to set up a ladder, do check if there’s any damage!

3. Stay off the top

Some ladders have labels on top that say “This is not a step.” You should never stand on the top as the top of the ladders are not meant for standing on. It is important to pay attention to any labels and safety manuals that come with the ladder. There could be crucial information and instructions regarding the specifics of your ladder.

4. Have a solid foundation

Before you set up a ladder, you need to make sure that you have an even surface for the ladder to rest on. People often ignore this even though the surface is unsafe, and it caused accidents to happen. Make sure that there are no other hazards such as water or mud that could cause your ladder to lose its resistance.

5. Be aware of your health

Te health of a ladder user is as important as the condition of the ladder. If you’re tired or unable to stay focus, you should not be using a ladder. It is important to keep your feel safely planted to keep your balance. If you’re recovering from a foot or leg injury, it’s best to refrain from using a ladder until you are fully recovered.

Ladder-related accidents are preventable. It is important to understand your ladder and how to use it safely. It’s better to be safe than sorry!